The Manila Journal

The Manila Journal is a news organization that aims to provide a fresh take on journalism.

We provide day-to-day breaking news, top stories from politics, lifestyle, sports, to international headlines and culture.

Rapid News PH

Rapid News is one’s reliable source of latest news in the Philippines that communicates relevant information at a wider scale to empower those who are informed.

Negosyante News

Negosyante News is an online news publication focused on business news in both the Philippines and the global market.

We provide fast and factual reports on the different industry sectors, applying our expertise to provide value and support for Filipino businesses.

Alike Media Inc.

Alike Media embodies the essence of humanity, and honest story telling. We uplift the spirit of the Filipino people through our coverage on various matters.

We put a priority in seeking the different faces that make up the diverse facets of the society we live in, and wish to reform.

Rising Tigers Magazine

Rising Tigers Magazine is a digital and print publication running a quarterly cover feature highlighting business tycoons and rising leaders from different industries. The magazine is designed to cater to aspiring entrepreneurs who seek to learn from the success stories of those leading in the business industry.

The publication strives to inspire and motivate those who wish to start or grow their businesses through countless stories and experiences of knowledgeable individuals featured in the magazine.

Business Concept Magazine

Business Concept is your exclusive gateway to the dynamic realm where prosperity meets opulence, offering a fusion of financial acumen, entrepreneurial vision, and the art of luxurious living.

Explore the latest business trends, financial strategies, and success stories of visionary entrepreneurs who have redefined the corporate landscape, all complemented by insights into luxury investments and lifestyle, making Business Concept your guide to navigating the world of wealth and entrepreneurship with style and substance.

Aspire Magazine

ASPIRE is one of the leading entrepreneurship-business-lifestyle magazine in the UAE has been providing readers compelling diverse content and cutting-edge insights. With a vision to deliver inspiring stories, spark conversations, and elevate the voices of change-makers across territories, ASPIRE blends together all that holds substance for an individual or an organization, along with matters that go beyond business.

Luxury Trending Magazine

Luxury Trending is your ultimate guide to opulence, offering an intimate glimpse into the lives of high society’s influencers, featuring exclusive interviews, in-depth profiles, and captivating stories.

Immerse yourself in the world of sophistication with coverage of grand cultural events, prestigious exhibitions, and the epitome of luxury living, celebrating the seamless fusion of elegance and luxury across art, culture, entertainment, and fashion.


Axcess Public Relations, Inc.

Axcess is a PR agency that is guided by industry experts and innovative thinkers. They create the right opportunities to transform messages into effective and powerful narratives.

Axcess is for those who challenge to push the limits of communication.

Aika Events & Productions, Inc.

Aika Events & Productions is a creative agency specializing in event management and marketing communications.

They always believe that people live for experience. Therefore, they give them more reasons to do so.

Atmos Digital & Creative Studios, Inc.

Atmos is a digital and creative agency that creates imaginative and data-driven solutions for brands, enabling them to effectively build meaningful connections with their audience.

Lets Go Media Group

Let’s Go Media Group began with a simple idea: Filipinos from every province should have a platform to be seen, heard, and empowered.

They are committed in delivering localized content and promoting the Philippines’ 81 provinces.

Let's do it.

We create and focus on aligning business objectives with our media partners and clients to further effectively cultivate the public.
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